Read to Succeed Endorsement

Read to Succeed (R2S) Endorsement Requirements

The Read to Succeed (R2S) Act requires that all certified educators earn the appropriate R2S Endorsement(s) for their field(s) as part of their regular Professional certificate renewal cycles. The goal of the R2S Act is to ensure that every educator at every grade level in every school and subject area is committed and able to support the reading development of the South Carolina students they serve.

Who needs to complete R2S requirements?

All Professional certificate holders are expected to earn an appropriate R2S endorsement, depending on their certification field(s).  Coursework and timelines required differ based on certification fields held and current certification validity.

Which R2S endorsement do I need?

All certified educators are expected to earn one or more of the following R2S Endorsements, depending on their certified field(s), as part of their regular certificate renewal cycles:

R2S Literacy Teacher Endorsement

Educators holding Professional certification in the fields of Early Childhood, Elementary, ESOL, Special Education, or Montessori Education must earn the R2S Literacy Teacher endorsement.

R2S Literacy Requirement Endorsement

Educators holding Professional certification in the fields of Middle School (all content areas), High School (all content areas), PreK-12 (except for Special Education), Career and Technology, Library Media Specialist, Leadership and Administrative, School Guidance Counselor, School Psychologist, or Speech-Language Pathologist must earn the R2S Literacy Requirement endorsement.

Requirements for Educators Holding Multiple Certification Fields

An educator certified in multiple fields with differing R2S Endorsement requirements must earn the endorsement designated for the certificate field most applicable to the educator’s current placement.  If the educator’s position does not require a specific certificate field, the educator must at minimum earn the R2S Literacy Requirement endorsement.  Please see the R2S Decision Rules for additional information

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